If I was Wolverine, you'd hear my knuckles go 'snikt'

Allllllrighty then!

I perused the Comic-Con programming schedule further.

Friday, July 25
Entertainment Weekly's The Visionaries: Filmmakers
Kevin Smith, Frank Miller, Zack Snyder and Judd Apatow

Fans will get the first look at the prequel and the 7th season and chat with Kiefer Sutherland and Carlos Bernard

Saturday, July 26
Exclusive Q&A with the writers of The Office
Moderated by Rainn Wilson

Comics: Across Every Medium
Paul Feig, David Goyer, Chip Kidd, Whitney Matheson and Brad Meltzer


Next year…

On Tycho's recommendation, I downloaded a demo of Fairway Solitaire, and now I'm desperately trying to scrape together money to buy the game.

In the meantime, I've been playing Family Feud II, which frustrates me to no end with its absurd questions and answers.


"Name a sign that your television is over 40 years old."

#4: Doesn't Work


A good Family Feud round should be playable in reverse on Pyramid. If you say "a human," "a razor," "a brush" and "breath mints," I don't think "good presents to give a freakin' werewolf"!

Why doesn't an online Pyramid game exist?

I miss Acrophobia.

I saw a torrent for a cam-rip of Journey of the Center of the Earth.

Who would want to watch a 2-d cam-rip? I thought.

Heck, who's gonna buy it on home video without the 3-d?


UW students find fecal coliform on campus keyboards
an Autobot version of Batman's Tumbler
How to Eat 15 Pounds of Hot Dogs
My Life in a Cube
The Ramp Movie


  1. hugostop 14 Jul 08 at 14:00

    ace jr. is so severely punchable. coy little shit, me thinks.

  2. ernest riles 14 Jul 08 at 14:43

    i find it troubling that the fat kid's ass is on backwards.


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