13 thoughts on "Plaid Shorts"

  1. for years, every time i saw a tablecloth, i always thought "i wish i could wear that."

    dreams DO come true.

    God bless the USA.

  2. josh,
    I believe it is to be read thusly-

    Plaid Shorts: When did this happen?

    Or, alternately-

    Plaid Shorts? When did this happen?

    Or, I suppose more directly-

    When (and, implicitly, why) did Plaid Shorts happen (ie, people being wearing them)?

  3. Whenever I see people in plaid shorts, I always think that they're just wearing boxers.

  4. Whenever I see Jram in non-plaid shorts, I always wish that he was wearing boxers.

  5. Happened a couple of years ago. If you actually wore more than one pair of pants Jon, you might know this. Also you might want to look into this thing called "hair" – I think you might have missed the bus on that one too.

  6. I have like three pairs of shorts. One is camo, one is blue, one are brown athletic shorts.

    Plaid is so gay.

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