Are you a tunt?

I'm typing so fucking hard I might break my fucking Mac book Air!!!!!!!!

epic kanYe

Drew: you see gunnin yet?
Me: [to myself] uhhh…it hasn't opened yet?

I need more friends who aren't film critics or don't work in the film industry. I feel like I'm always the last person to see a movie, when in the real world, I'm usually among the first.

Drew: my father worked in a mill!

» I wonder how many Vietnamese-Americans will vote for McCain.

» I saw ads for Red Bull Cola in Vegas and intended to try it when I returned home. Turns out it's only available in Vegas for now. Meh.

» Even if the Hollywood Cookie Diet works, who (over the age of 10) wants to eat cookies for every meal? A Hollywood Cake Diet, on the other hand…

» Michael Caine's wife is named Shakira.

» Gene Simmons Family Jewels is perhaps too staged.

» Why is "Rock-a-bye Baby" a lullaby? I don't consider a song about a baby falling from the top of a tree very calming.

» ESPN The Magazine doesn't deserve its layout design.

» Idea: Ben Stein vs. Howie Schwab in a "Best of 20 Test of Knowledge" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 10 general knowledge questions, 10 sports-related questions.

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So I've decided at last to go into the world of professional wrestling. I've decided on a heel turn, a persona ("The Hipster", a music geek gone bad), and a uniform (same as all the other wrestlers, but I would wear it ironically).

Now all I have to do is figure out my finishing move. Here's what I got so far: [more]

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  1. Gustavo 26 Jun 08 at 21:21

    Two links in one post better improve our ranking in the Atlantic Division.


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