Last Vegas debrief. I'm sick of them too.

Nothing says "ancient Egypt" like a Nathan's, Starbucks and Little Caesars (missing apostrophe [grumble]).

Of course, you can find all three in modern Egypt.

I hadn't been inside Luxor in like a decade and was disappointed to see that management enclosed the inclinators so that they're no longer terrifying to ride.

Criss Angel is developing a stage show at Luxor with Cirque du Soleil.


Bush: I have a dream that one day…

This kiosk should be a test to enter Heaven. [click to enlarge]

I don't understand the appeal of Madame Tussauds (MISSING APOSTROPHE!). How are wax museums profitable?

The sports book inside the Palazzo is pathetic. Ten medium-size televisions in a hallway, no chairs. You wouldn't know it was a sports book if a betting board wasn't nearby.

A few ads I saw flipping through Las Vegas Weekly while pooping shrimp head tempura:

Ashanti: [to her manager] Hey, why are all the women dressed as schoolgirls?

(unnecessary apostrophe)

Ladies: If you could only choose one, would you try to win the veneers or the boobs?

"Red White and Boobs." Lulz.

Evidently, "Shad Moss" is Bow Wow's "Stefan Urquelle."

I want to shoot a documentary on growing up in Vegas, partly because I can't imagine raising children in Vegas, and partly because the workforce in Vegas is so multicultural.


  1. Josh 25 Jun 08 at 08:46

    Dr. Matt looks like he just woke up from a drunken day at the beach…is that White-Out in his right hand?

  2. Cangrejero 25 Jun 08 at 09:02

    IMHO the unnecessary apostrophe is a far worse offender than the missing ones.

  3. Gustavo 25 Jun 08 at 10:08

    I wish there were an index of medical health professionals of all types that ranked and sorted doctors based on how closely they resemble Dane Cook.


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