Shoulder to the wheel

Previously on Adam Riff™:

"Let's make him drive all the way up here and beg for traffic school to keep a cheap violation off his heretofore clean record!"

Beg and you shall receive.

When I saw the list of licensed classroom traffic schools

Pizza 4U – Great Comedians
HDTV Weekend Traffic School
Fun…N…Cheap… Comedy Traffic School
Great Comedy School
Improv…The Comedy Club Presents
Cheap Comedy 4-U
Rocky Cologne's Comedy Traffic School
Lettuce Amuse U Comedy Schools Inc.
Comedy For Less Traffic School

I opted for an Internet course — at California Jammin Traffic School.

The cost of being photographed not stopping completely before turning right on red will total about $500.

Seeing cars with one person inside zip past me in the carpool lane while I respect traffic laws and inch up/down 101 because THE WHOLE WORLD WORKS IN PALO ALTO absolutely infuriates me.

I wonder if Liberty City IV has carpool lanes.

How many Spanish radio stations do Hispanic people need? It seems like every other station on the dial is a Spanish one, and they all play the same lo-fi, mariachi fiesta music that you hear in chain Mexican restaurants.

Surely Hispanic people like other genres of music.

I saw a man driving while doing a sudoku puzzle on his steering wheel, pen in hand.

And I'm the one attending traffic school.

I saw a Jeep with a bumper sticker that read "Got Hope?" The dot of the question mark was an Obama logo.

I believe he changed the word "milk."

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