Adam Ramblings 22

» This is an odd request, but I'm looking for a bone marrow donor.

I… How do I say this?

I tried it last night and it is fuckin' delicious!

Premium chocolate products are typically more resilient when consumer spending in general slumps, analysts say. [source]

"I can't afford this handbag. [sigh] I need some dark chocolate to console myself."

» "I always loved you best/most" is such a devastating line. Someone should say it in every television series finale. I plan to utter it on my deathbed.

» According to NBC, Robin Williams is a "legendary performer."

» NBC at the Pump makes fuelin' up about as fun as paying $4.09 a gallon does.

» Shorter Tim Goodman: "Cable television rocks! HBO sucks!"


» Tuesday is Andrew Lloyd Webber night on Idol. Can America hear some Starlight Express, please?

» Hellboy II looks like Pan's Labyrinth II. It even has a character with eyes in unusual locations.

» At the cinema this weekend, I saw a cardboard stand-up for Ice Age 3, which opens on July 1, 2009. Yes, 14 months from now.

Of course, if my studio's summer slate consisted of Ashton Kutcher and Eddie Murphy comedies, an M. Night Shyamalan film and The X-Files 2, I'd begin hyping 2009 offerings too.

» According to Wikipedia, Fox will release Speed 3 on October 28, 2009.


I don't think I'm ready for that jelly.

The climactic boat crash scene in Speed 2 cost more than the entire budget of Speed. [source]

Director Jan De Bont built a 50-foot-tall, 600,000-pound replica of the ship that was pulled on rails by a diesel engine through the island of St. Martin. [source]

And yet, Speed 2 was still a lesser waste of money than Barry Zito.

» The Giants can release Barry Zito in September 2013.

» Pacific Ice sells synthetic backyard hockey rinks. I wonder if you can curl on synthetic ice.

» Reggie Miller has a voice for print.

» Hoda Kotb's head is completely monotone.

» If "shorty" is slang for "girl," then what is the slang term for "female midget"?

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