Adam Ramblings 21

"Bobism" is centered on a shy collegian who discovers that life in 1,000 years will be based on his blog. [source]

» Censored profanity on a personal blog is odd.

» People who comment
on sh*t in haiku form are
uninspired twats

» If you ever need proof that I'm a masochist, I listen to the 1UP Yours podcast every week.

» I'm pretty sure that Pablo Francisco is a mainstay on morning radio in hell.

» I can easily distinguish between Asian ethnicities based on appearance alone. Can Hispanic people can do the same?

» I saw a guy at Chipotle eating a burrito bowl with chips. Deconstructed nachos — why didn't I think of that?

» I hate how bocadillerias assume that I want a drink too when I get a bag of chips with my sandwich.

» April 20 will be an especially lazy Sunday this year.

» On Caltrain this weekend, I sat in a car full of frat boys returning from a baseball game, one of whom was dressed in a Mickey's hat and Corona shirt and drinking a Bud Light. Classy!

» My favourite part of "Back That Azz Up" is when Mannie Fresh refers to himself as a "dick bandit" who "done landed."

» Tuesday is Mariah Carey night on Idol. I hope someone sings "Mariah's Theme."

» I wonder if anyone is allergic to Benadryl.

» I can't remember the last time I changed a light bulb. Thanks a lot, fluorescence!

» I know I should wear sunscreen, but applying it every time I go out is such a hassle.

» Idea: a gun that fires cigarettes at such a high velocity that smoking cigarettes can literally kill you.

» Animated short idea: On a hot day, a hitman spares the air. The air, in turn, kicks the hitman's face in, because the air is a dirty motherf—ker.

» Who aged less gracefully: Mr. Belding or Cousin Larry?

» According to Wikipedia, Dennis Haskins appeared in Rocky Balboa (2006) as "Chef tossing salad in kitchen." Oof.

» I feel like Axl Rose organized the Pennsylvania Democratic primary.

• What's the best band in music history from each of the fifty states of the union?
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