Date Archives April 2008

Falling Down

Spurs fans: Maracas? Actually, I'd pay money to see race-traitor Steven shake maracas. Manu's bald spot is like manifest destiny. Idolator asks: Are there any musical acts who have come up since the turn of the millennium who can headline a 50,000-capacity festival? Coldplay and…

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Royal Caribbean Cruises announced that an area resembling New York's Central Park spanning the length of a football field will be featured in the center of its Project Genesis ship. [more] Imagine if Dubai built a cruise ship. Idea: A cruise ship with an artificial…

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Don Draper

Previously on Adam Riff™: My buddy Jose won a Pulitzer this week as part of the Washington Post staff that covered last year's shootings at Virginia Tech. Jose called. "Jon, are you free next Wednesday night?" "Probably. Why?" "The venture capitalist who paid my college…

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