Adam Ramblings 13

» Apparently, the money match for WrestleMania XXIV will be The Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mayweather punched Show two or three times bare knuckle on the button and then ran off with his posse. Show was bleeding all over the place. [source]

» Idea: North Carolina vs. California college basketball challenge. I think UNC, Duke, Wake Forest and NC State pair up nicely against UCLA, Stanford, USC and Cal.

» Trent Johnson's face looks profoundly unhealthy. It's not as fug as John Chaney's, but he could definitely pass for a crack addict.

» I'm stunned that O.J. Simpson has a girlfriend. She must not be too bright.

» The first single off Death Cab for Cutie's sixth album Narrow Stairs is slated to be "I Will Possess Your Heart."

They're not even trying anymore.

» Why do bands tack an extra song onto copies of albums sold in Japan? Why are the Japanese so special?

» Oprah's gonna give a million dollars to someone for giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Contestants must out-give one another."

Philanthropy as competition is…perverse, to say the least.

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