Photo Essay: PMA 08

I am not a photographer.

imagine receiving the order for this booth

bald man's ponytail

the lady in the back didn't appreciate me photographing her stupid product

I don't know

the Koreans in the booth wouldn't let me photograph sample "metal photos" of Obama and Clinton propaganda

sample DIY photo album

a true original posing as Marilyn Monroe, a true, original Harajuku girl

Green Man…has no ass!

the trade show equivalent of a truck commercial

Panasonic began its presentation with an acrobatic exhibition by what appeared to be the cast of a High School Musical stage production

Crumpler's booth (click to enlarge)

Crumpler lured me to its booth with the promise of free Tim Tams. Yummy.

a Kodak employee giving a presentation to absolutely no one (too conspicuous)
Green Man on an escalator (fumbling for my camera)