Leaving Las Vegas

If you can't afford tickets to Cirque du Soleil…

I also saw an ad for a topless revue with evil vampires at Stratosphere.

What do you think is the most anyone has ever won playing slots in an airport?

I found a copy of the Arizona Daily Star's Sunday editorial page in the tram to my terminal.

Five of the eight letters to the editor are attributed to retirees, and all eight were (evidently) written by curmudgeons.

"Urban renewal is not needed here. As for speeders and red-light runners — issue more tickets."

"At one time, much of what was purchased in this country was also made here. Our elected officials managed to let much of our manufacturing go to places like Mexico, China and Vietnam."

"I was absolutely appalled at the fact that the Star is obviously encouraging people to cover their bodies with 'artistic' tattoos."

"If a bunch of hairy-chested men want to dress up as ballerinas, so be it. But this is not art nor is it culture."

Arizona: Florida West.

I scanned a few ads from Southwest's in-flight magazine to share.

"This photo is not digitally enhanced."
I'm not sure that's a positive.
"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA."
The doctor looks EXACTLY like a cross between Tony Danza and Fred Armisen.