Adam Ramblings 11

» Bush should add "more shitty parody films" to his economic stimulus bill.

» The MacBook Air's black keyboard is a real buzzkill.

» My brother wants to buy a breathalyzer to test his friends, partly to ensure that they drink responsibly (what a Boy Scout) and partly for "fun."

"It's only $125!"

He's majoring in business.

» Apparently, Kevin Smith is a visiting professor at UCLA. Wonder what he's teaching. His lectures must kill.

» Kal Penn is teaching a class on Asian Americans in the Media at…Penn.

Speakers include Margaret Cho and John Hurwitz, a Penn alum and one of the writers of Harold and Kumar. [source]

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay opens during his visiting term. Field trip?

» Who's playing a villain in "Volume 3" of Heroes?

This guy!

Wikipedia — He teaches children martial arts?

» Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looks like the child of Muhammad Ali and Tony Almeida.

» ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. entered the Royal Rumble for the opportunity to wrestle himself at WrestleMania XXIV.

» Instead of AFC vs. NFC in the Pro Bowl, the winner of the Super Bowl should play the Pro Bowl team of its opposing conference. Losing side has to play a game in London the following season.

If Philip Rivers died a famous movie death…
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