Adam Ramblings 9

» Premiering at Sundance: Die Welle, a German film adaptation of The Wave, a book I read in junior high about a Nazi teaching experiment that happened at a school near where I live.

» "The devaluation of the U.S. dollar isn't so bad!" — LOL, McDonald's!

» The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is a stuffed crust taco.

» I keep expecting Rob Riggle to humour me in his ads for Budweiser.

» I dub Nate Kaeding "The Tragic Kicker."

» I saw a guy wearing a San Francisco Giants hat and jacket. Both the hat and jacket, however, were Dodger blue and white — Dodger colours! Why would you buy merch in the colour scheme of your team's hated rival? Better question: Why did the Giants organization approve it?

» I saw a guy wearing a Ron Paul sweatshirt. What happens to merch for failed presidential candidates? Is it unloaded in Africa like the merch for the losing team of a championship sporting event? Will I see lads in Kucinich hats if I visit Cameroon this summer?

» Louis Vuitton is evidently content with milking the same pattern forever.

» I love the trailer for Stop Loss. Good choice of music.

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