Adam Ramblings 4

» "Maya has watched waaaaaaaay too many telenovelas."

» My nominees for the most irritating female television character of 2007:

Maya (Heroes)
Eden (Nip/Tuck)
Lila (Dexter)
Sandra Palmer (24)

» At Subway, the guy behind me in line asked for "extra lettuce." What?

» The Subway Feast is totally Subway's Crunchwrap Supreme.

» The Ultimate Fan Edition of Shawn Michaels' Heartbreak and Triumph DVD career retrospective includes a t-shirt, a pendant and a…..cup.


» Dustin Hoffman is 70!

» when i visited in the summer he kept saying he was going to get me 'philly fucked' by some philly girl… sure enough he did somehow from some hot girl that works at his store

Urban Dictionary only yielded this.

Synthetic Paintings
Magnum P.I. mobile game