Adam Ramblings 3

» Oregon at UCLA was probably the worst football game I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of UCLA games.

» College football overtime rules should apply to regulation time as well. After two field goals, you must attempt a touchdown.

» I wish Pac-10 teams had live mascots like SEC teams, but alas, you can't cage a live Sun Devil or a color. Or Donald Duck.

Eric Cartman introduces Colorado's starting line-ups

» I compiled a list of alumni I'd like to see introduce UCLA's starting line-ups for Saturday's rivalry game:

Nancy Cartwright (as Ralph Wiggum)
Robert Englund (as Freddy Krueger)
Will Forte (as Tim Calhoun)
Kal Penn
Harry Shearer (as Kent Brockman)
George Takei
Jaleel White (as Steve Urkel for the offense, as Stefan Urquelle for the defense)

Wishful thinking, I know. It'll probably be someone lame, like the juggler.

» Mandel:

Just as easily as the 6-5 Bruins could go to the Rose Bowl, they could also go to no bowl at all if they lose. If Arizona does beat ASU, it would give the Pac-10 seven bowl-eligible teams for six spots and almost assuredly restrict them to one BCS berth. Guess which would be the odd team out in that scenario? Yep — the same team that's playing for a Rose Bowl berth.

» I know the Pac-10 has shitty bowl tie-ins, but…The Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl?

» When Fox bought the rights to the BCS National Championship Game, I bet they expected sexier match-ups than Missouri vs. West Virginia. I mean, ABC scored Miami vs. Ohio State and USC vs. Texas.

» I'd rather listen to a marching band play "Iron Man" ad infinitum than Petros Papadakis' voice. He sounds like Jacob Silj.

» No cure for canker sores. Figures. My main affliction…

» If I took a "Which Television Character Are You?" quiz, I'm absolutely positive the answer would be Deco from Brotherhood. If you can't see the similarities, he's the picture and I'm Dorian Gray.

» America's due for another serial killer. We haven't had one in a while.

Questions for the GOP candidates
"Would you have sex with a man to stop a terrorist attack?"