Shawn Ryan:

Tomorrow, we begin to film the Series Finale of The Shield. I think it's the best script our writing staff has ever written. This is the show that made me. This is the show that is my baby. If the strike goes on longer than two weeks, I won't be able to step on set for the final episode of the show. You can't tell me that any episode of television is more important than this one is to me, and I am ready to forego all those things in order to strengthen my union. [source]

» Heroes is shooting an alternate ending to the Dec. 3 episode that would allow the episode to function as a season finale. [source]

» Lost has only half its 16 episodes ready, and 24 will have eight or nine. [source]

» The Office may shut down shooting. Teamsters are refusing to cross the picket line. [source]

» The strike could leave the final six installments of Scrubs' last season in indefinite limbo. [source]

Me want food!