Customer Sues Home Depot After Being Glued To Toilet Seat, Says Incident Gave Him Diabetes

"I'm nothing more than a crumpled cripple sitting at home, waiting to die. It.. it.. changed my entire life."

Fire and ambulance crews had to unbolt the toilet seat while it was still attached to Dougherty's rear end.

As he was being wheeled out of the store on a gurney, Dougherty passed out and paramedics couldn't find a pulse. In their rush to flip him over, the seat was ripped from his flesh.

In 2005, a former Nederland official alleged that Dougherty claimed he was glued to a second toilet. Dougherty vehemently denied that charge, and his attorney said he passed a polygraph test set up by Denver's KDVR-Channel 31. [source]

Kurt and I:

—my grandfather's sick
—just found out he may never come back home
—on top of other things, they think my grandfather has an ulcer and I have the same symptoms but I don't have health insurance
—I'm sure I could get the help, but at this point I'd rather wait till everything is alright with my grandfather and sister and my sister's kids to get any help

—what's wrong with your sister and her kids?
—my sister has lymphoma and ovarian cancer and my nieces were raped a couple months ago
—how old are your nieces?

—4 and 8
—who raped them?

—their neighbors
—my family is pretty messed up
—this is the sister that stabbed me and punched friends of mine