Date Archives September 2007

Kid Nation

Last week, CBS aired an ad for a screening kit for vaginal infections during Kid Nation. This week, CBS aired an ad for prescription tablets that help you quit smoking. Way to target demographics, CBS. Whores love Kid Nation!


Customer Sues Home Depot After Being Glued To Toilet Seat, Says Incident Gave Him Diabetes "I'm nothing more than a crumpled cripple sitting at home, waiting to die. It.. it.. changed my entire life." Fire and ambulance crews had to unbolt the toilet seat while…

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Rock This Town

The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto leased out space to Burger King. A companion Hospital for Healthy Children closed its doors three months after opening. "Aren't you gonna eat your burrito?" "I don't eat one restaurant's food in another restaurant. I'll eat in the…

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