Irrational Anthem

With company like this, no wonder Bill Amend cut FoxTrot down to Sundays.

Also in the paper yesterday:

That's the actual caption.

I'm convinced that affords to sell items at bargain prices by not hiring any staff to help process orders.

If I hadn't found Season 5 of Degrassi: The Next Generation for less at Best Buy, my pre-order would probably still be "processing."

Q: Would you do Luann?

Kelsey Grammer's daughter plays the older sister sorority girl on Greek.

The first thing you notice on her IMDb page:

Trivia: Named after her ill-fated aunt who was raped and murdered ten years before she was born.


Florida, Pride of the Nation*
Capcom Backgrounds
01-18-08 (Jord's buddy plays the cameraman)

* Kurt:
how can you be forced into sex?
I couldn't be hard for my mom
she must have been really hot

Q: Could you muster an erection to eff your mother?