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A Forest

"Are you right-handed?" "Yeah." "You wear your watch on your dominant hand?" "Evidently." "It's not a nuisance when you jerk off?" "I'm sorry?" "It doesn't, you know, retard motion?" "Not really… Besides, I can jerk off with my left hand too." "You can?" "You can't?"…

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The Simpsons Movie

Bigger opening day than Transformers. 17th biggest opening day of all time (right behind Attack of the Clones). Best single day this summer. Biggest industry opening day ever in Australia, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. Biggest animated opening day ever in Australia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, New…

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Ave Maria West

The Oakland A's previewed their vision for a new ballpark village development in Fremont. While there's much to be determined about what would go into the village, a set of deed restrictions filed last month reveal uses that will be excluded. Those uses include Goodwill…

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Hair Supply

Nathan: Bangs and a beard in season two? "I haven't touched it since we wrapped." Spinner: Bald in season seven? I suppose that's one way to avoid another unfortunate hairstyle. • Help Us Pick America's Most Annoying Liberal Arts College

Box Populi

Every year, people complain about how lame Oscar nominations/winners are, and then the Eh-mmys come along to put everything in perspective. This year's nominees for 'Outstanding Reality Program' and 'Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series' are exactly the same as last year's nominees. 'Outstanding Main…

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