I enter my car and realize that I forgot my mobile.

Eh. I'm just going to Taco Bell. I'll be back shortly.

I return home with lunch and check my phone.

"Missed Call. 408-xxx-xxxx."


I dump the food on my desk and return the call.

Busy signal.

No, goddammit! Who calls during the noon hour?

I devour a quarter of my Mexican pizza and call back again.

Automated answering system.

"If you know your party's extension…"


I wait all afternoon for a follow-up call.


This week in sequel announcements:
BloodRayne 2
The Mummy 3
Crank 2
Maverick 2
The X-Files 2
Evil Dead 4

NBC is considering stretching The Office to an hour and canceling the original Law & Order.