Date Archives November 2006

Shoot Me

Previously on Adam Riff™: I struggled to finish editing the first draft of Leon's guide to digital cameras. I had higher hopes for Leon's second draft. Then I read the first line. Digital Cameras have been around for decades. He followed that gem with this:…

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A few thoughts on Casino Royale: Chris Cornell, parkour, Body Worlds, Jeffrey Wright, a sword — I feel like the producers compiled a list of random shit and challenged the crew to incorporate everything on the list into the film. This is the third Bond…

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Not Dark Yet

Apparently, Vivendi Universal turned that flying toaster screensaver into a mobile game. Navigate a flying toaster through eight stages full of obstacles like aliens, fish and falling cows. Scoop up bread slices, hot dogs and pizza; avoid deadly hamburgers. [pause] This isn't quite the killer…

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Thai Noon

Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow melded kung fu and westerns. Now the director and choreographer of Ong Bak meld Muay Thai and westerns. Behold…the trailer for Dynamite Warrior! Also: Dynamite Warrior XVID sales reel ("save as," please) The film opens stateside next summer.