Oh God, I hope it's urine

What is the standard etiquette policy for workplace urinals?

Yellow liquid has greeted me at the sole urinal at "work" a number of times since I began "working" there at the beginning of the month.

Were the previous users trying to conserve water? I wonder. I can understand skipping flushes at home, but at work?

Perhaps they assumed the urinal would flush itself. But there's clearly no sensor attached to the urinal!

Unsolved mysteries…

Black athletes with bleached mohawks bug the hell outta me.

Do Chad Johnson and Viscera realize how stupid they look?

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I wonder if Matthew Lesko can help me get free money to buy his book.


Did Cory Matthews appear in a sex tape too?


The tray liner for my meal at Taco Bell detailed the personalities of various Taco Bell menu items.

While perusing the blurbs, it occurred to me that some artist was actually paid to draw a Mexican Pizza.

What are Mexican Pizzas called in Mexico?

It'd be confusing just to call them "pizzas."

From the people that brought you the blatant Grand Theft Auto rip-off Saints Row comes a World War II game titled Company of Heroes.


Has THQ no shame?

They're the new Rare.

They're Bollywood!

Fiction idea: A female amputee experiences phantom dick pain.

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+ Colbert's 1-888-OOPS-JEW actually works
+ How many horrible messages do you think this woman has received? Hundreds? Yet, she persists and always with the same ad.