Body body rock, body body rock

On Michael Bay's 2007 live-action Transformers movie:

Producers are trying to secure permission to use real car brands for the Transformers' shape-shifting alter egos. [source]

For reasons that I won't get into, we see an iPod, Xbox 360 and plasma screens sprout legs and transform just a bit. [source]

Shameless product placement? Perhaps. Remember though that the original animated series was based on a line of toys. It was a marketing tool.

Moreover, an Xbox 360 with legs isn't that much more ridiculous than an anthropomorphic tape deck who ejects cassette minions.

New England quarterback Tom Brady was at a charity golf event when he found out that Roethlisberger was injured riding a motorcycle.

In its story on Ben Roethlisberger's motorcycle accident, threw in a comment from Tom Brady for no apparent reason.

Big Ben's hurt? Quick, find Tom Brady and see what he has to say!

Speaking of Brady, when did he become Bono?

One moment he's a back-up quarterback, the next he's sitting next to Laura Bush at the State of the Union address, visiting Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, traveling to Israel and playing golf with former presidents Bush and Clinton.

I won't start on him attending the Kentucky Derby.

Perusing the schedule for Comic-Con's film festival, I came across two titles of interest: Zombie Prom and Confederate Zombie Massacre.

I could easily program a whole day of cinema which mixes zombies into young people activities.

Zombie Beach Party
Zombie Campout
Zombie High
Zombie Honeymoon
Zombie Prom
Zombie vs. Mardi Gras

I could just as easily program an entertaining night of zombie massacres.

Confederate Zombie Massacre (zombies vs. the Union)
Teenage Zombie House Massacre1 (zombies vs. partygoers)
Zombie Cult Massacre2 (zombies vs. bikers vs. believers)
Zombie Island Massacre (zombies vs. tourists)

1 "A small group of teenagers decide to throw a party at the old abandoned place at the edge of the tracks. They expected tons of beer, babes, and high school hijinks. What they didn't expect was to find a house full of flesh eating zombies."

Haha. Surprise!

2 I'm tempted to Netflix this after reading the following in reviews:

"Viewers are treated to a woman getting her very large breasts ripped apart and a pregnant woman and her fetus being made into a mid-day snack."

"Nude female crucified demoness who electrocutes your eyes (you kinda have to see it). […] Throat-slitting, with fairy dust."

I always thought the man with the mustache was the one consumed by hate.

How did I not catch the polar bear headline when I was highlighting?

US Airways will stop serving peanuts on its flights because of concerns about passengers who are allergic to the snacks.

Several other major airlines have already stopped serving peanuts after peanut allergy groups expressed their members' fears of a dangerous in-flight reaction. [source]

Members of peanut allergy groups should know better than to eat peanuts.

What are the odds that someone discovers they're allergic to peanuts on an airplane?

Nuts on a plane! L-O-L! You're with me, Planters!

Matt Stone's memo re: MPAA cut #2 of the South Park movie
2. We took out the entire "God has fucked me in the ass so many times…"
It is gone.

Lozo's Guide To Taking A Dump
"That's fucking gross. You look at the toilet paper to see if there's crap on it?"
"Yeah? How else am I supposed to know when I'm done wiping?"