When the blue eyes are washing their mouths in the South

On the fence like me about seeing Pixar's Cars? This should help you decide:

Larry the Cable Guy steals the feature as the voice of Mater, a not-too-smart tow truck from the small town of Radiator Springs, offering some of the movie's heartiest laughs. [source]

Oh boy…

CS: I noticed that they stuck your catch phrase in the movie.
Larry: The "Git 'r done"? I did three or four of them.

Git 'r done!

[hearty laughter]

In related news, Larry's working on a live-action film called Delta Farce.

The National Guard call up these goofballs in this made-up state militia that haven't gotten a day of American army work in their life. They get sent to Iraq and they fall asleep in the back of a Humvee on the plane over. Well, they get fire [sic] in one of the engines and have to drop out some stuff, so they drop out the Humvee. They don't know they're sleeping in it. Of course, the parachute comes out and they land in Mexico.

Minutemen who confuse Mexico for Iraq — hilarious! [hearty laughter] Git 'r done soon, Lare. The anticimapation is killin' me. Hee haw!

Since when do you fly over Mexico to get to Iraq?

Tushar raises a good point.

"Dianetics" is sponsoring a NASCAR team