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Edmonton hockey fans create beer emergency

Oilers fans had previously made headlines for disturbances on Whyte Avenue. People have been stabbed, assaulted, and stores have been vandalized.

Stabbed? With what? Stabbings are usually methodical. Fans just had knives on hand? Unless… Snikt!1

Thoughts on X-Men: The Last Stand not involving Juggernaut:

Cyclops is the Meg Griffin of Fox's X-Men. What a waste of a good character. Isn't he the leader of the X-Men in the comics? I hope James Marsden's role in Superman Returns justifies his pathetic Last Stand cameo.

James Marsden — say that ten times fast.

Arclight's gender bothered me the whole time. Its mannish features clashed with its sports bra and "she" designation. "Are there transsexual mutants?" I wondered.

Tell me this doesn't look like a tranny.

For the record, Arclight is a woman.

Mystique would never use a lame insult like "meathead." She kills in cold blood, for fuck's sake! Rebecca Romijn's flat delivery didn't help matters. Kitty Pryde's use of "dickhead" came off awkward too. Surely a PG-13 rating allows for more zing than grade school name-calling.

Is "meathead" still part of anyone's vocabulary?

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1 Wolverine was born in Alberta, Canada