Mirrors and Smoke

Guitarist Dave "Brownsound" Baksh has left Sum 41 to focus on starting a metal band called Brown Brigade. [source]

The Hindian was the one I least expected to leave to start a metal band.

I hope Brown Brigade is just that — a band of Hindian metal enthusiasts.

"Shit That Sucks"

Costco Muffin Pack Variations
Why can't Costco assemble eight blueberry and four chocolate? I've seen a dozen blueberry; a dozen chocolate; four blueberry, four chocolate and four "other" that people resort to eating when blueberry and chocolate are no longer options, but never eight blueberry and four chocolate.

I once found eight blueberry and four coffee. Fuckin' muffin tease…

Which pairing will be more of a trainwreck: Scott Stapp and INXS (with JD) together on tour this summer or Larry the Cable Guy and Wicked Wisdom (Jada Pinkett Smith's nu-metal band) Wednesday night on The Tonight Show?