Leche, por favor!

Al Gore, 58, on the cover of May's Wired vs. Jack Nicholson, then 66, in Entertainment Weekly in 2003

If I was Gore's PR manager, I would not have agreed to a close-up. Dare I say Nicholson looks better.

Small foreheads are unconstitutional!

And at the other end of the spectrum, Confederate general John Bell Hood.

"Horsemen" is a category I could see Sean Connery mispronouncing on Celebrity Jeopardy!

As if Fearless Records' "Punk Goes" series hasn't yielded enough crappy cover songs by Warped Tour artists, on June 13, Rhino Records will release Sound of Superman, a compilation of Superman-inspired covers and original songs by Warped Tour artists.

Among the tracks, The Academy Is… covers R.E.M., Nightmare of You covers The Flaming Lips, Paramore covers Foo Fighters and The Receiving End of Sirens covers Stereophonics.

Genre-compatible or not, Rhino should've asked Our Lady Peace to contribute. The band's already recorded two Superman-related singles.

Our Lady Peace – "Superman's Dead" (1996)
Our Lady Peace – "Made of Steel" (2003)

I haven't been following the hype for Superman Returns, so imagine my surprise when I finally saw a trailer last weekend and learned that in the movie, Superman literally returns. I thought "returns" was simply a taxonomic conceit, but no, Superman returns to Metropolis after abandoning Lois. What a bastard.

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