Date Archives February 2006

Ursa Major

ESPN's latest bracketology projections see UCLA potentially playing Duke in the third round of the NCAA tournament. Of course, inconsistent UCLA must first beat Cal, who already beat UCLA earlier this season. Thursday night, our beloved first-place Bruins visit Seamus' second-place Golden Bears for a…

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Metal Gear Solid

When the Olympics end, the Paralympics begin, and damned if the 2006 Winter Paralympics don't sound way more interesting. Alpine Skiing / Nordic Skiing Blind skiers are guided through the course by sighted guides using voice signals to indicate the course to follow. Ice Sledge…

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Great Scott

Barney, Neil Patrick Harris' character on the (is it popular?) sitcom How I Met Your Mother, has a blog. Excerpts from this week's entry "Brocabulary Lesson": It's called "bro-ing out." It's akin to a "girls' night out." The bro who accompanied me on my personal…

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