Afternoon Delight

A while back, I posted about a Bollywood remake of Oldboy.

Don't look now, but here comes a Bollywood remake of Fight Club.

"Everyone has their issues, but it can be sorted out. Welcome to Fight Club."

The first rule of Fight Club? Fosse!

First look at The Marine, a film produced by WWE and starring WWE Champion John Cena:

you can't see me

Cena plays an injured Marine who returns from the Gulf War to find his girlfriend (Kelly Carlson — "Kimber" on Nip/Tuck) inadvertently caught up in the kidnapping plot of a murderous diamond thief. He must race against the clock to save her life and stop the thief from pulling off an elaborate crime.

Earlier this year, Cena played Tom Cruise's role in a short parody of A Few Good Men for WrestleMania 21. Freed from the restrictions of his wigger thug character, Cena's acting honestly impressed me.

Bret Hart is living in Italy with no plans on coming back to North America until the Aladdin play starts.

Great Odin's raven… He's reprising his role!