Fellate me as I eat this expensive ham

Presenting the 2005 Adam Riff™ holiday compilation album, an epic smorgasbord of audio, most of which you'll probably delete after a cursory listen.

With the rise of digital audio players, we discontinued physical distribution this year in favor of downloading. In consideration of those who still use CD players, however, we split the compilation into three volumes, each of which should fit onto an 80-minute CD without pauses between tracks.

We asked Ben to curate a second disc as an alternative to ours. Two became three when we couldn't keep our dicks in our pants. Ideally, volumes 1 and 2 would be played together as a seamless whole.

All we ask in return is that you place yourselves on our Dreidel Robbers map. This is an experiment just waiting to humiliate us, but let's try it anyway.

So now then.

Dreidel Robbers map

Dreidel 2 The Grave: Volume 1
Dreidel 2 The Grave: Volume 2
Dreidel 2 The Grave: Volume 3
("save as," please)

Each folder contains customized .pdf liner notes. We recommend printing them in Adobe Acrobat for quality.

For those printing outside of Acrobat (i.e. in Photoshop), use the .tif liner notes instead.

Audio Almanac
indie and adult contemporary

Two Oh Oh Five
indie, aussie and "other"