Inappropriate Mysteries of the Jersey Shore

Whenever I see a car displaying a "proud parent of a sailor" bumper sticker, I think, "How sweet. They love their gay son."

Sailor suits, "sea men," "In the Navy" by the Village People, that Cher video — if sailors aren't gay, they're certainly the least masculine branch of the armed forces perception-wise.

Admitting that a soldier or a marine beat you up is a lot less embarrassing than telling people you "got beat up by a sailor."

In feudal Japan, a samurai would rather disembowel himself than bring such shame and disgrace to his family name.

Trying to take Jamie Foxx seriously as an R&B artist is like trying to take Jack Black seriously in King Kong.

Jake Plummer's official player profile photo amuses me to no end.

"Yeeeah… You can't see it, but I'm receiving a blow job right now."

Robot: Jesus. Looks like he was in Dazed and Confused.

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