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What's this? A Bollywood remake of Oldboy? Verging on shot-for-shot? With at least one song-and-dance number in it?

trailer (real media, bleh)

Coming soon, an American remake of Oldboy, co-written by a Filipino and directed by a Taiwanian.

Oldboy classic, of course, is a Korean adaptation of a Japanese comic.

Only a matter of time before the film associates itself with every country in Asia.

Fun fact: Zinda director Sanjay Gupta previously oversaw a musical version of Reservoir Dogs.

Waldorf: I heard Donald Rumsfeld went to go see Jarhead.
Statler: Oh yeah? What'd he think?
Waldorf: No one knows. He's still stuck in the theatre 'cause he has no exit strategy!

Oh no they di'nt!

A Beastie Boys concert film, Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That, has been submitted to Sundance and will likely see a spring release.

The film was shot at the trio's Madison Square Garden show in October 2004, mainly by fans with handheld cameras. A few friends of the band and two of the tour's high-quality cameras were also used to capture the concert, which was then assembled by Adam "MCA" Yauch.

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