Estrogen was not destiny

MTV2 pilot in the works: "Are You Game?," from Matt Ringel and David Goetsch ("Third Rock from the Sun"), features contestants competing in live-action versions of their favorite video games

So like…they play football? Or…life?

My favorite video game is Katamari Damacy

I must say, the embarrassment potential of a live-action World of Warcraft starring fans of the game intrigues me.

For some reason, this image comes to mind:

Adam Robot
two words: hot coffee

Every Friday, the Beastie Boys add another track to their a cappella download page for personal remixes and mash-ups.

Some of the better remixes posted on the Beastie remix forum:

Beastie Boys – "Root Down (Joakizmo Remix)"
Beastie Boys – "Body Movin' (Joakizmo Remix)"
Beastie Boys – "Ch-Check It Out (Joakizmo Remix)"
in that order

Beastie Boys – "3 the Hard Way (Don Esteban Remix feat. Christopher Walken)"
Beastie vocals + beat from Biggie's "Hypnotize" + Saturday Night Live "more cowbell" sketch

Beastie Boys – "Oh Word? (Lando's Dad 'Live in Pipeworld' Remix)"
Beastie vocals + audio from Super Mario Bros.