Fledermaus Hunt

Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess") reprises her role as Dr. Maddy Rierdon from the highly-rated CBS Television Movie "Locusts" in VAMPIRE BATS, a new television movie for broadcast Sunday, Oct. 30.

A former USDA voracious insect specialist who is now a college professor, Rierdon, in search of a simpler life, has moved to Louisiana with her husband and their two daughters. But her life becomes more complicated when one of her students is found dead with his body covered in mysterious puncture marks and completely depleted of blood.

When two of Rierdon's students are implicated in the boy's death, she immediately gets caught up in the investigation and discovers that the student was killed by a swarm of bats. When other attacks occur and more people are found dead in a similar fashion, evidence leads Rierdon to discover that these are not ordinary bats, but aggressive vampire bats that have mutated due to a tainted water supply.

A retrospective of the "batsploitation" genre
Too many good lines to reprint here.