Inchoate Bathroom

That Gwen Stefani song "Hollaback Girl" was my shit before it was everyone's shit. But she already said it was her shit in the song, so I guess it was bound to be somebody's shit.

Kanye West is the Terrell Owens of hip hop, constantly letting his hubris undercut his talent.

The Backstreet Boys' video for "Just Want You to Know" parodies Heavy Metal Parking Lot and the entire 80s hair-metal scene.

AJ, Brian, Howie, Kevin and Nick (we will never forget) play both fans and members of the fictional band Sphynkter.

The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld, whose filmography includes videos for Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown Posse.

Way back when, Insane Clown Posse appeared on Loveline, during which Adam played their song "Fuck the World."

Highlights of the first verse:

Fuck pre-schoolers
Fuck wine coolers
Fuck chickens, fuck ducks
Fuck the Dalai Lama
Fuck the rainforest, fuck a Forrest Gump
Fuck a shoe pump

Iambic pentameter it ain't.

Seriously, "fuck a Forrest Gump"? Reminds me of the premiere episode of Animaniacs in which Brain appears as a contestant on Gyparody! and at one point replies, "What is a Regis Philbin?"

But I digress.

What I love about "Fuck the World" is its comedic versatility.

As opinions, the lyrics are amusing. I mean, such hostility toward wine coolers and shoe pumps…

Literally, the lyrics are equally amusing. Yes, let's all have sexual relations with the rainforest.

More highlights:

Fuck the Berlin Wall, both sides of it (1)
Fuck everybody in the hemisphere (2)
Fuck your diarrhea, Rocky Maivia (3a, 3b)
Fuck your little brother's homie from around the way (4)
And fuck everyone who went down with the Titanic (5)

1. Ouch. Be it rubble or one of the few surviving segments, ouch. Even more so if you're female.

"Anna Elizabeth Butler, stop banging the wall! What did I say? Go stand in the corner for 30 minutes. I said 'STAND in the corner,' not fellate it!"
2. Sorry, citizens of Paraguay.

3a. Rocky Maivia (The Rock): What do you have against my stool?
3b. Rocky Maivia: I think I'll pass…
4. Pre-schoolers and chickens and my little brother's homie — oh my!

5. Assuming their bodies don't fall apart.

"I'm so cold…"

The clean version of "Fuck the World" replaces all 93 instances of "fuck" with the word "huff."

Huff you, huff me, huff us
Huff Tom, huff Mary, huff Gus
Huff Darius
Huff Oprah, huff opera, huff a soap opera
Huff a pop locker and a cock blocker


Huff a cock blocker.

Ganesh: Can you use that in a sentence, please?


"The Juggalo discovered the location of his missing anal bead when he laid down in bed and huffed a cock blocker beside his pillow."

When I see Mary Hart nowadays, I think of this:

She looks like an alien with latex on its face.

Her oddly unnatural appearance evokes the Wayans brothers in White Chicks.

I just noticed that "Mr. Smith" chose to masquerade as George W. Bush, or at least Timothy Bottoms as George W. Bush.

Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Insane Clown Posse – "Dirty and Stinkin'"
I couldn't resist.