I'm just a fallen angel trying to keep my dick hard in a monotheistic society

Adam Robot and I deconstruct "the BAT-man":

J: i await its dvd release so we can play a drinking game
J: every time a character says "fear," "justice" or "theatricality," take a shot
J: minus points if puking begins before batman does

J: who designed r'as al ghul's headquarters? wwe?
A: that thing was made of balsa
J: also: for a stone mansion, wayne manor sure collapsed quickly
A: i remember seeing a marble staircase
A: yet the place burned to the ground

J: where did all the bats come from when he activated that homing device?
A: just more technology you don't have jon
A: bat storage facility

J: did you notice the "zombies"?
A: yeah
A: they looked more like freshly-turned zombies
A: but they acted like them
J: why would you attack something you fear at close range?
J: one man was fuckin' eating another man's head

A: the fights were shot too close
A: it was just a mess
A: i don't have a problem with a tight fight shot, but the entire thing…

Pennsylvania natives the Bloodhound Gang are campaigning to have their new song "Pennsylvania" become the official state song of the Commonwealth. The track, which will appear on their fourth full-length album Hefty Fine, is not exactly complementary toward their home state, but you can judge for yourself.

Frontman Jimmy Pop says, "The only thing better than this becoming the new state song of Pennsylvania would be not living there."

video for "Hitler Rap" by The Whitest Kids U Know
Seth Freedland's Hitler mustache for my production of The Complete History of America (Abridged) in high school wouldn't stay put either.

video for "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Yidcore
Computer animation transforms a band of Jewish punks from Melbourne into superheroes who protect Barbra Streisand from Bette Midler as she morphs into King Kong, Godzilla and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

the morning after with Garrison
His lisp only enhances the hilarity.