Date Archives March 2005


In the game Operation, players remove body parts from a patient. One of the body parts up for removal is an Adam's apple. The patient, however, has no penis. The only possible explanation for all this is that the patient is midway through a sex…

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Race City

Hey Noah, here's an idea: bagels…at night! College basketball journal: I'm so glad my school colors didn't include orange. Patrick Sparks is a little chubby for a basketball player. What's more repulsive: Seth Davis' shit-eating grin or Pierre from Simple Plan's affected laughter when parents…

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July 6 at the Hollywood Bowl: "Video Games Live" A live concert featuring full orchestra/chorus performing music from video games including Halo, Metal Gear Solid, WarCraft, Tron, Myst and more. Plus laser and light sequences, video clips and characters, and a segment dedicated to retro…

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