Good to know that if I need attention all I have to do is die

My mother's letting me decide where our family will celebrate Thanksgiving.

a. the modest home of family friends
b. the brand new $6 million mansion of a friend of family friends who just sold his company to cisco systems

Boy, tough decision…

Ty Pennington is like a male Ryan Seacrest.

In belated commentary, I flipped to ABC on a recent Monday night and saw Brett Favre overseeing a hidden camera segment involving another football player. At the end of the segment, Brett Favre confronted the mark and said to him: "You've just been sacked!"

Apparently, ABC filmed a series of "you've been sacked" segments to fill time during Monday Night Football broadcasts. This is what we've come to, folks: football players ripping off Punk'd.

ABC should film a similar series of hidden camera segments for its NBA coverage called "you've been acquitted."

My boss assigned me the task of designing signage for the company holiday party.

The higher-ups requested directional and decorative signs for four "so cal winter" themed lounges: Sunset Lounge, Malibu Lounge, Palm Springs Lounge and…The OC Lounge.

The proposed signs for the OC Lounge liberally borrow elements of the television show's print campaign.

I spent three hours at work today vectorizing Mischa Barton.

The higher-ups also wanted to call the event "Dude, Where's The Party?" but (thankfully) our department head vetoed that idea.

What ever happened to those singing fish plaques?

from my 08.25.04 update:
—In addition to regular assignments, [my buddy] Jose's editor at the Washington Post assigned him a mini-beat covering video games. I mention this because he's a gay man whose primary interests are politics, figure skating and whoever's on the cover of Us Weekly. His most recent mini-beat assignment was an article on Madden 2005 ("Madden NFL Scores Again," 08.12.04). Hahaha.

It only gets worse.

Jose told me that he's flying out to Los Angeles in December to cover the 2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Ahahahaha.

Last year's soiree featured a wrestling match and an extreme sports exhibition, for Christ's sake.

Needless to say, I'm going with him.