Chubby Bunny

Greetings from the motor suburbs!

Since we last met, I saw a bunch of old movies (Drumline, American Splendor, Raging Bull, Wayne's World 2) but mainly I've been eating.

Pancakes at Kerby's Koney Island. Mr. Pita with Jram. Inverse pizza at Jon Wilcox's house. Cereal with Cherry Coke at Matt's house. White Castle with Robert.

I ordered a quesadilla at said Koney Island and it was deep fried. Only in the midwest.

God, I feel like Ralphie May in a fat suit.

When I return to Los Angeles, I'm-a have to swim twice as many laps a day. I need to be in good physical condition before I head up to Seattle and Vancouver in September because that trip will likely be a two-week booze-a-palooza. The presence of marijuana probably won't help matters.

I saw a restaurant called House of Hunan and Sushi Bar. A combination Chinese/Japanese food restaurant like that is odd to me. I can understand a restaurant that combines Korean barbecue and Japanese barbecue, but Hunan Chinese food and sushi? That's odd to me. Those Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC hybrids must have inspired some Michiganders to consolidate disparate ethnic food that no one in "America's heartland" really understands.

Last summer, I asked Tony's father to recommend a good Chinese food restaurant in Royal Oak and he suggested some place with "panda" in the name (I think) and said the food was delicious.

Ruh-roh. Middle-aged white boy don't know shit about Chinese food. Stick with Lunchables, Hugh.

In non-gastro-related news, I saw a store called Audio Book World.

The Cure should play a leukemia benefit concert and call it "The Cure for Cancer."

Jram's little brother's rabbit Steve crawled around on my lap and gave me a half-erection.

I was at a doctor's office (don't ask) and saw my "Art of the Interview" professor and his family on the cover of a travel magazine.

Wednesday/Thursday: pit stop in the Windy City.

currently annoyed by:
—kevin lyttle
—people who call someone's cell phone to ask what they're doing
—the lack of protective covers for fourth-generation ipods
—the tv show wanna come in
—my inability to fall asleep on my side

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