I caught an episode of Iron Chef America.

I didn't like the person Food Network picked to replace Chairman Kaga. He looked like a yakuza — young Asian dude with a buzz cut in a black suit with an Agent Smith earpiece. It was awkward seeing him bite into a bell pepper.

Rory later told me that the new Chairman is Mark Dacascos, who played Mani in Brotherhood of the Wolf. That would explain why in the introduction of the show, the Chairman said —When I'm not practicing martial arts, I oversee cooking contests.

During the judgment round, Food Network dubbed over Iron Chef Morimoto even though he was speaking English, albeit accented English. Morimoto would say something in English and then another man with less of a Japanese accent would repeat exactly what he just said.

You didn't need any dubbing to understand what Morimoto was saying, however. He wasn't exactly Brad Pitt in Snatch.

My question is: When challenger Wolfgang Puck discussed his dishes, why didn't Food Network dub over him? He has a moderately intelligible accent too.

Fuckin' racists.