I opened the school newspaper today to see this full page ad.

In the same paper, I also saw this ad.

Congratulations, America, you've successfully made a mockery of dieting.

I mean, what the hell is this? This is not a Whopper! This looks like what a homeless person might find on a good day. At least Carl's Jr. and In-N-Out's low carb burgers look like burgers. With no buns or structure, I might as well eat a steak.

Taco Bell can get away with selling taco ingredients in a bowl because there is still a grain base (rice) to soften the flavor.

The commercial for these low carb Whoppers is pretty ridiculous too, panning through a series of mouth-watering burger innards.

Also in the works are low carb Skippy peanut butter and low carb Ragu spaghetti sauce, products which are usually enjoyed on bread and pasta, respectively.