Matt comments on the baby names piece:

—i'm a big fan of calling [black people] on making names up

—i had a cashier named Aphrodesia

—my sister knew a guy named Ty'Juan. pronounced taiwan.

—man, what are some good ones i've heard. oh, hahaha, my mom works in a hospital. one stupid black lady thought that the hospital named her daughter for her. all they did was designate her "female," she thought it was a name pronounced like fa-MAH-lee

—haha. a guy on tony's floor. LaChance

—black twins always have names that rhyme
—oh shit, this is the worst one in the world. i wouldn't believe it if my mom didn't actually see it
—twin boys named orangejello and lemonjello
—are you serious?
—black twins?
—yep. yeah, they were black. but they pronounced the words all funny.
—yeah, accent on the ron
—it's fucking ridiculous