07.05 @ 4:30 AM
Jon: [sigh] We must have thrown out at least half of what we bought.

07.04 @ 7:30 PM
Elizabeth: How am I supposed to eat a burger without buns?

07.04 @ 7:00 PM
Ganesh: Where's the trash can?
Rory: Over there. Why?
Ganesh: These buns smell like diesel.

07.04 @ 6:00 PM
Anthony: You should have saved the watermelon. We could have set it on fire!

07.04 @ 5:30 PM
Jon: Dude, this watermelon tastes like diesel.

07.04 @ 4:30 PM
Jon: I hope we bought enough food.

07.04 @ 4:00 PM
Brodie: You guys owe me.

07.03 @ 10:30 PM
Rory: So I talked to Brodie and he's going to leave San Diego early and get the food for us on his way up.

07.03 @ 10:00 PM
Jon: We all set for the cookou…er…in?
Rory: Yee.
Rory: Oh fuck.
Jon: What?
Rory: I left the food in the trunk of my car and my car's in Bellflower.
Jon: WHAT?

07.02 @ 10:00 PM
Rory: Hey…uh…I thought my apartment complex had a barbecue grill…but it doesn't.
Jon: Dammit, Hornblower…
Rory: Adam showed me how to simulate a barbecue grill inside an oven though.
Jon: An oven?
Rory: We can make it an indoor barbecue.
Jon: Fine. Indoor barbecue. Whatever…

07.01 @ 7:00 PM
Jon: Jesus. $135. I hope this event's worth it.

07.01 @ 5:30 PM
Rory: Yo.
Jon: Hey.
Rory: Sorry about the smell. Sometime last week, the spare fuel tank in my trunk spilled open and completely doused my trunk with gasoline. The whole car reeks of that shit now.
Jon: Sucks. Is it safe for you to be driving this?
Rory: I don't know. Fuck public transportation. I'm bringing my car down to my dad's friend's shop tomorrow to replace the head gasket and I'm going to ask the people who work there if they can also do something about my trunk.
Jon: Ah.
Rory: So how do I get to Costco?

07.01 @ 5:20 PM
Jon: Hey, I just got out of class.
Rory: All right. I'll meet you at the Ackerman turnaround in a couple of minutes.

06.21 @ 10:00 PM
Jon: We should throw a barbecue on Independence Day.
Rory: Sounds good.