"Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol…"
queens of the stone age – "feel good hit of the summer"

Editor's Note: The following piece is true.

My friend Jose works for the San Francisco Chronicle. He's currently part of a team planning a new weekly tabloid insert to the paper geared toward the 18-30 demographic.

Jose: The working title is Chronic.
Jon: What?
Jose: Chronic. Short for Chronicle.
Jon: Are you serious? Do you understand the connotation of that word?
Jose: No.
Jon: It's slang for marijuana!
Jose: I've never heard that before. I like the title. It's catchy. We're going to spell it phonetically.
Jon: What?
Jose: Phonetically. C-R-O-N-I-C. Cronic.
Jon: Okay… The San Francisco Cronic. Way to win young readers. Is it going to be printed on rolling paper? Pink Zig Zags, perhaps?
Jose: What?
Jon: Nothing.
Jose: We're also giving each section of the tabloid a short, hip name. Business will be called Spent. Editorial will be called Rent. News will be called Blink.
Jon: What?
Jose: Blink. I don't like it. When I hear Blink, I think of Blink 182.
Jon: I…think it's retarded. "Hey dude, you see the Blink briefs in this week's Cronic?" Very hip.
Jose: I know, I know. I want to change the name to Scope.
Jon: Oh I wouldn't do that. When I hear Scope, I think of mouthwash.
Jose: Are you mocking me?
Jon: No, I'm just laughing AT you. This tabloid sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, Jose. My advice? Hire Drew Curtis as editor and Bronstein will get all the 18-30 year old readers he could possibly want.

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I met Mike Chapman, the cinematographer of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull (and camera operator of The Godfather) Saturday night.

I learned that Scorsese de-saturated the color of the blood in the shoot-out at the end of Taxi Driver to get an R-rating.

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