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It's time once again for…

Who needs to get their ass beat?

Today: Craig Nicholls, lead singer of The Vines

I mean, look at him. If you saw this guy walking down the street, wouldn't you want to smack him around too?

"My name is Craig Nicholls. I'm druynk right now how arey ou? I'm godo thanks for anskinng. I've decinded not to correct my sepelling cause it will be funnier for uyou. I have absolutely no self-control, but it's okay, because I'm super talented! (At least, that's what the media tells me.) I'm the greatest thing to happen to rock music since Kurt Cobain! Fuck not trashing all your band's equipment after every show so you can reuse it and save money! I do what I want! ROCK AND ROLLLLLL!!!"

We may not be able to execute the retarded, but we can sure as hell beat the shit out of them.

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