on the waning days of my existence

"top 40 ounces to freedom"

More people want to tag the header than I expected, so I decided to create a gallery of previously-exhibited headers (with credits).

This week and next, I am seeing Aphex Twin, Wilco, The Boredoms, Cannibal Ox, Sleater-Kinney, The Apex Theory, Lostprophets, Quarashi, Thursday, The Movielife, onelinedrawing and a few others. Finals? What finals?

Have you seen the latest Enrique Iglesias video where he makes out with Anna Kournikova? Yeah. I believe you, Enrique.

Cartoon characters should not make appearances on awards shows.

Guys named Jason always think they're hot shit.

In fourth grade, my class learned about the history of California. I've always wondered if other states require students to learn about their state history too. What if you grew up in, say, Maine? What history does Maine have? It gets cold; it gets less cold. It gets cold; it gets less cold. It gets cold again; you move to California.

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