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binge thinking

"pepto-bismol, please" In a desperate move to increase television ratings, Vince McMahon re-signed Hulk Hogan to the WWF Friday. Hulk…Hogan. 49-year-old Hulk Hogan. Granted, it's not the end of the world. Hulk Hogan did sell the most tickets in WWF history. Plus, people never really…

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fuck this shit

"this is the last time we do movie reviews" 7 storytelling re: two separate stories ("fiction" and "non-fiction") set against the sadly comical terrain of college and high school, past and present, explore issues of sex, race, celebrity and exploitation jon says: [clears throat] "what…

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heavens no, hell yeah

"now in limbo" November 2001: sis•qó/'sis-koh n. 1: diminutive, formerly platinum-haired, thong-celebrating one-hit wonder : SWEETMEAT 2: purportedly popular derogatory euphemism for those suspected of being homosexual. Often attrib Eminem's group, D12, who dodged GLAAD's ire (but could earn Def Jam's) by switching from the…

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