The West Coast Has Been Traumatized

I'm back, and more unmotivated than ever.

Friday, I saw Weezer, Tenacious D, and Jimmy Eat World at the Long Beach Arena. JEW rocked, the D did not, and Weezer's predictably spectacular 75-minute set was what you'd expect from a band whose frontman hates a third of their musical output – full of well-received blue album and tepidly-received (in relation) green album songs. Highlights were the new material, "Say It Ain't So," and "Tired of Sex," the sole Pinkerton nod.

Audiences seem to take encores for granted nowadays. After a band leaves the stage, people usually just stand there in the dark waiting for them to return, completely oblivious to the fact that encores are meant to be requested through continued cheers and applause. Like driving, an encore is a privilege, not a right.

I saw an ad for the movie Black Knight and it said: "the funniest movie since Big Momma's House."

It's the year 2001. Why do we still have parades when there's television? I don't understand the appeal of waking up early in order to stand around in cold weather and watch a bunch of marching bands and gaudy moving wastes of natural resources pass you by on the street. How is that fun?

My sixth uncle bought me this watch that has a remarkably accurate time reading. In fact, the watch is so accurate that I didn't want to mess with it when Daylight Savings rolled around. As a result, I now have a watch that's one hour ahead, and it likes to fuck with me, oftentimes forcing me out of bed in a panic only to run to class and realize that it's 8:00, not 9:00 am, and that I'm actually sitting bleary-eyed in a roomful of physics students. Well, no more. I've decided to begin living on Mountain time. If I can't turn back time, then I'll live for the future. Carpe diem!

Michael Jackson's fans have been invited to sign an online petition calling on NBC to apologize for a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live that fans say falsely depicted the gloved one as a child molester. The website also calls on MJ's fans to boycott the network until an apology is made. The petition reads: "We have all heard about the charges that were brought against Michael Jackson years ago, which were dropped by the people who filed the charges. NBC, however, felt the need to re-try Michael and find him guilty and depict him as a child molester in November 10th's episode of Saturday Night Live."

It's hell week for me. I have two papers due a day apart and so far I've done jack shit. Fear not though, I've backlogged enough kick ass material to keep the almost daily AR™ momentum going. Weeeeee!

Oh and I need to get a job.

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