Ahem. Yes, Mr. Aaron, I have no desire to talk about Telcobox in every one of my posts. I'm really not an angry person. However, I do believe that if you declare war, you win it, even if it entails, as you say, "bringing up the same tired insults again and again." I usually don't stoop to using low blows, but in order to fight the Telcobox people, you have to think like them. Look, I have no beef with you, Aaron. Your website's already off the internet! I just wish Telcobox would follow in The Marked Fool's lead. That's all I want. Oh, and thanks for reminding everybody that Asian guys are "squinty eyed red menaces with small peckers." I almost forgot. Stay out of this, Aaron. Please. Don't make me hate you too. Hey, I may not know how to fly a plane, but I can certainly drive a car through your house…unintentionally.

Well, I'm about to pass out right now as the result of a combination of sleep deprivation, Microsoft Word, Mountain Dew: Code Red, water, and Tostitos, but I'll be back tomorrow with more fun. In the meantime…

Dream Street!

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